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Need something that works for you at home around your family and life?

My Online Fitness Membership does just that.

Train in your own home, at a time to suit you, any day of the week, every day or just a few. What ever you need.

Support where and when you need it. 

Gain confidence & Learn to love Yourself and the  exercise. Be held Accountable. Receive Inspiration, Motivation & Encouragement. Lose weight, see your body shape change, all whilst having fun and learning to make lifestyle changes  you can sustain successfully.
I am a mum, with 3 children and a Partner.  One child with ADHD and Osteochondromotosis (bone condition) and one child with ASD and combined ADHD, and one who feels left out who we are also in the middle of getting tested. I understand the time restraints, I feel the time restraints myself daily. Yet as parents we have to learn to prioritise some time for ourselves or we will burn out. Through the membership I show you strategies to enable you to make it all work, whether that be really well, or just a little that you finally see a glimmer of light to give you hope this could possibly work for you. 

£57 for a 4 weeks Mindset & Fitness Online Bootcamp – and any time cancellation. (Once payment is made it is not refundable in a membership 4 week period. Cancellation, Once notified by email, will commence on the next 4 week period.)

Joining dates

Next Challenge – Contact Jaime for the next intake

Fitness Trainer
Jaime is a Qualified Personal Trainer Level 3 through YMCA Fitness Instructor Level 2 through YMCA Level 3 Life Coach Sports Massage Diploma Batchelor of science degree in Psychology and Criminology

FITNESS STUDIO - Grayingham. Fun, Friendly Fitness

You are welcome to come join us. We have a laugh, we enjoy the exercise, we enjoy ourselves. We all learn, we all develop, we all strive for different targets. Everyone supports, everyone motivates, everyone encourages and everyone is in it together. We all know the same struggles just in different ways. You get to hear others in their own words express how they have struggled, and overcome it, so you can see it is possible. 

Yoga Esque - Stretching & Meditation

9.00-10.00 Hours

Fit Club -
All Over body workout

18.15-19.15 Hours

Low impact Cardio Workout

18.00-19.00 Hours

Fit Club -
All Over body Workout

18.00-19.00  Hours

Fit Club -
All over body workout

09.00-10.00 Hours

Personal Training

09.00-20.00 Hours
Monday – Friday

Sports Massage

09.00-20.00 Hours
Monday – Friday

Mindset & Fitness Online Bootcamp Programme

Ask for the next Intake date 

Life Coaching

09.00 -20.00

Monday – Friday

Training Rates


Fitness Classes -
Start at £24

Personal Training
Start at £30

One to One session

Sports Massage-
£38 09.00-17.00
£48 17.00-20.00

Neck- Feet Massage

Online Courses

We’re introducing a range of online courses and trainings. These will include home fitness activities and combination group programmes

My Clients

Pictures of our fun and antics.

Bouncy Castle

Having fun, whilst getting a good workout

Personal Training

Richard & Darci

Fitness Session

All over body workouts

My Fitness Studio

My Playground

Fun Cardio Fitness Session

What People Say About Me

Seated Exercise after a Stroke Session-

A lovely supportive group. Jaime makes sure everyone is included and will adapt movements and ensure that you are safe. She is so motivating and encouraging. We can have a giggle too, even a sing along.

Jacqui A (June 23)

Fit Club Session –

I have been to Jaime’s Fit Club Since 2015, with some breaks. I can honestly say it is the most friendly, encouraging and motivating fitness group I have ever been part of. Fun, friends and fitness! I’d highly recommend Jaime for all things fitness. 

Jo M (June 23)

Fit Club Sessions –

I have been going to Jaime’s Fitness Classes since January 2023 and was very nervous and anxious about starting but as soon as I went I was welcomed by a very friendly group of people and Jaime was great at encouraging me to give things a try and just have a go. The classes are always fun and Jaime keeps them varied and interesting. I really enjoy going now and so glad I decided to give it a go! 

Cheryl (June 23) 

Fit Club Sessions & Online Challenge & Mindset with Fitness Bootcamp

I started training with Jaime about a year ago. I love both the fit club classes and also the friends I have made. the sessions are always slightly different each week, fun and Jaime is so encouraging. I don’t like missing a class and I am so glad I decided to join. I have also done some of her online challenges which have helped me focus on both my diet and doing exercises. these are really good as you can do them in your own home, but Jaime is there to support you and help and always with a smile. 

Sue A (June 23)



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