fit club classes
  • Adult Fit Club £8 PAYG

    Aerobic, muscle strengthening, bone strengthening, Abs, Core and stretching combined which makes you fit, happy and healthy.

  • Stretching & Meditation £8 PAYG

    Session dedicated to Stretching muscles throughout the whole body, relaxation time, to destress and meditate. Bringing an inner balance to mind, body and soul.

  • Rebounding £8 PAYG

    Amazing cardiovascualr workout, great calorie burner and has Low impact on your bones, meaning great for bone development; especially as we age.

personal training

Me and You

Personal Training is exactly that, Personal, above all you have to be honest with yourself and me to get the best results from your training. Throughout your journey I am with you, to motivate, encourage and push you when you think you can go no longer. In addition I will demand every last bit of resolve that you possess to help you gain confidence and therefore see your true potential and ability. 


In conclusion for your hard work, honesty and dedication, as a result your whole life will see a change for the positive. Losing weight will make you feel better physically and mentally finally encompassing a new found confidence in yourself.  Making the lifestyle changes required you will reap rewards in yourself getting Fitter, Happier and Healthier and your family and friends will reap the benefits too, seeing a positive, confident individual blossom.


I offer a friendly, personal, down to Earth approach in a great atmosphere, where You will always feel welcomed and at ease, albeit sweaty and knackered.


As an NLP level 3 Life Coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer through YMCA, Level 2 fitness Instructor and Level 3 Diploma in Sports massage, a degree in Psychology and Criminology, I have the experience and expertise to motivate and encourage you through your journey.

  • One to One
    One to One £160

    SAVING £17 4 x 1-hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks. 4 weeks Warrior Challenge to keep you active throughout the week. To aid motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability.

  • Couples / Friends
    Couples / Friends £250

    SAVING £24 rain with a partner or friend. 4 x 1 hour sessions (4 consecutive weeks) 4 weeks warrior challenge to keep you active throughout the week. To aid motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability.

  • Small Group Training
    Small Group Training £50

    Train with up-to 5 people £200 paid upfront for 4 x 1-hour sessions.

  • Corporate / Schools POA

    For larger groups or corporate wellbeing packages please call to discuss

sports massage

Sports Massage has overwhelming benefits physically and psychologically.

Receiving a Sports Massage helps aid the muscles for better recovery from injury or daily wear and tear. Training,  Injury, or incorrect posture, sitting at a desk all day, and driving can cause muscles to ache, shorten, lengthen and cause pain radiating throughout the body as each muscle effects another.

These muscles can be helped in their recovery and to help aid the muscles to stay in tip top positioning,  and the body in the correct condition.

The lymphatic system is used throughout a sports massage to remove toxins harming muscles throughout the body, and aids in helping the blood flow throughout the body, which is needed to work successfully to enable blood to flow to the injured muscles to aid in repairing and recovery of the body.

Exercise does increase the blood flow, but Sports Massage also enables the blood vessels to open and dilate during the Massage movements; enabling nutrients to pass through more successfully. Sports Massage can also aid in relaxing the body and mind, reducing anxiety if you suffer from this by causing a relaxing feeling throughout the muscles.

This service of a Sports Massage can be refreshing and invigorating for the body, mind and soul.

  • In Your Home Daytime £48

    50 Minute Session inc a Consultation before hand. (within 3 miles) further afield will incur additional costs.

  • In Your Home Peak Times £60

    After 6pm (Within 3 miles, further afield will incur additional costs)

  • At Jaime's Daytime
    At Jaime's Daytime £38

    50 Minute Sports Massage inc Consultation beforehand to discuss any queries you may have.

  • At Jaime's Peak Times
    At Jaime's Peak Times £48

    After 6pm

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