Need something that works for you at home around your family and life?

My Online Fitness Membership does just that.

Train in your own home, at a time to suit you, any day of the week, every day or just a few. What ever you need.

Support where and when you need it. 

Gain confidence & Learn to love exercise. Be held Accountable. Receive Inspiration, Motivation & Encouragement. Lose weight, see your body shape change, all whilst having fun and learning to make lifestyle changes  you can sustain successfully.
I am a mum, with 3 children and a Partner.  One child with ADHD and Osteochondromotosis (bone condition) and one child being assessed for ASD, and one who feels left out as she is neurotypical. I understand the time restraints, I feel the time restraints myself daily. Yet as parents we have to learn to prioritise some time for ourselves or we will burn out. Through the membership I show you strategies to enable you to make it all work, whether that be really well, or just a little that you finally see a glimmer of light to give you hope this could possibly work for you. 

£35 every 4 weeks – and any time cancellation. (Once payment is made it is not refundable in a membership 4 week period. Cancellation, Once notified by email, will commence on the next 4 week period.)

Joining dates

Next Challenge will commence 6th March  

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Our community & having fun and chatting is one of the most important parts of the training.

I have tried many keep fit classes over the years and enjoy them for so long but soon get fed up but not this one. Jaime's fit club is amazing fun packed exercise. You get to socialise and have a laugh while getting fit and never get judged for your lack of fitness or dress sense. Jaime is very encouraging and knows exactly when to push you and just the right amount of encourage. She integrates you gently into the group and without even realising it you are soon doing the same as everyone else. it is fun and every session is slightly different she never fails to make it a most enjoyable fitness class that always makes you want to go back. Even my 2 children enjoy it. Thanks Jaime for bringing the fun back into fitness.
Marie Skelton
I started working with Jaime in October 2015 ready for a family holiday to Florida, and now in April 2016 I have lost 4 stone and lots of inches. I didn't think I would stick at it, but Jaime has kept me going and my whole outlook has changed. I am a much happier, confident and sociable person now. Highly recommend for Personal trainer, Sports massages and loving the fit club too, meeting friends and getting fit together.
Danielle Lambert
Only gone and done it..... 3st lost Feeling chuffed, fitter and healthier. Thankyou Jaime Greaves for all your help and encouragement as well as all those beastings (you really are more than amazing) and thank you to all my rebound friends for all the laughs and friendship that I so needed on this journey. Love you all lots.
Anneke Van Vliet
Not only have you helped me lose weight and get fit, you have been there through the most hard / unexpected times that my life has thrown my way. Thank you for your support! Not only a fantastic personal trainer but an awesome friend.
Suzanne Longstaffe
It's easy.Get fit with jaime and she will ensure your body and soul are in tip top condition with loads of love and laughter. Get stuck in and enjoy!! Thank you x
Ruth Harper
Jaime is very patient and works everyone within their abilities. I really enjoy training outdoors and the variety of exercises that fit club brings, it also a great way of socialising whilst working out.
Claire Coyle
Have had a blast so far, looking forward to lots more torture. Love running in the rain, even if the dog doesn't.
Anneke Van Vliet
And it's all because you inspire and believe and care and encourage each and every one of us to enjoy finding a better way of life
Katie Turley
I'm so glad Jaime started rebound, I love it... it's so much fun and a laugh with lovely people...
Louise Jennett
“I was lucky enough yesterday to run the London marathon. I got the place last October and started the training straight away. However I started with calf issues and they tightened within a mile of running. I was about to withdraw when Jaime started to look at my issues. Jaime started to resolve the issue straightaway by finding that it was a nerve rubbing higher on the leg. She gave me strengthening exercises and massages to resolve. Nothing was to much trouble and as I have had niggles through my training she has resolved straightaway. To put it simply Jaime got me to the start line and through the race. I would recommend Jaime to anyone with sports injuries or if anyone needs a massage. Can't speak highly enough.
Matthew Lyner
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